Author: Shadi Chaleshtoori

Shadi Chaleshtoori is a student at York University. Shadi has worked with numerous Palestinian civil society organizations located in Gaza City, the West Bank and inside Israel.

  • A Game of Smoke and Mirrors: Canada’s Decision to Cut Ties with Iran

    On September 7, 2012, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced the suspension of all diplomatic relations between Canada and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This measure, Baird summarized briefly, entailed closure of the Canadian embassy in Iran, recall of all Canadian diplomats stationed in Iran, and a federal mandate that all Iranian diplomats, newly … Keep reading »

  • The Regressive Politics of the Iranian-Canadian Khavari Petition

    On October 12, members of the Iranian-Canadian community sent a petition to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney expressing concern about the arrival in Canada of Mahmoud Reza Khavari, the former chairman of the largest Iranian state-owned banking institution (Bank Melli). The evidence available from Iran suggests that Khavari probably used his position to accumulate … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Funding for the Only Palestinian Research Center in Israel Cut

    Added to the list of civil society organizations under attack in Canada by the Harper government’s devastating position on the Zionist-Palestinian conflict is MADA al-Carmel, the Haifa based Arab Center for Applied Social Research. The Canadian government owned International Development Research Centre (IDRC), despite having had a long-standing relationship with the research center without any … Keep reading »

  • Ontario MPPs Ignore International Denunciations of Israeli Apartheid

    On February 25, a group of Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) voted unanimously on a motion to “denounce” this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Claiming to send a message of so-called “moral suasion” to all “fair-minded Ontarians,” Peter Shurman, the MPP who tabled the motion, argued that the mere application of the phrase ‘Israeli … Keep reading »

  • Zionist Claims of Solidarity with the Iranian Protesters are Absurd

    On October 27, the Canada-Israel Committee (CIC) held a conference titled “Democracy in Action: The Protests in Iran” in Ottawa. The purpose, according to the CIC website, was to “mobilize political action against the human rights abuses of the Iranian regime and its nuclear agenda.” To meet this goal the conference showcased a lineup of … Keep reading »

  • Protests in Iran: Not Just About Stolen Votes

    Since the June 12 elections declaring incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner, large scale violence not seen for a decade has erupted in cities throughout Iran. Running against former Prime Minister and opposition candidate Mir Hussein Musavi, news of Ahmadinejad’s election victory from the Interior Ministry came less than an hour of the closing of … Keep reading »

  • Two-State Pipe Dream Impedes Justice, Again

    Is Palestine enough of a state? This is what the International Criminal Court (ICC) must determine before it can consider charges of war crimes brought against Israel after its recent onslaught in Gaza. The scale of Israel’s 22-day military attack which claimed more than 1,300 lives, including hundreds of children, led to widespread accusations by … Keep reading »

  • Why We Should All Support Israeli Apartheid Week

    This is the fifth consecutive year of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Launched in Toronto, this week-long initiative hosts a string of lectures, film screenings, panels, demonstrations, cultural performances and other events across campuses and community centers around the world to inform the public about the continuing violations of one of the longest and devastating occupations … Keep reading »

  • Israel’s Message to Iran

    On January 17, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a unilateral ceasefire, where Israel will stop its attacks but continue its military presence. “We have met and even surpassed our goals,” declared Olmert, as he thanked the Israeli public for their continued support of the 22-day onslaught in Gaza. To those paying even minimal attention … Keep reading »

  • Watered-Down Resolution Stands on the Backs of the People of Gaza

    There is no safe place in Gaza. A statement by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reads: “This war is unique in the way that the civilians have no place to go and no place to hide.” On Saturday evening, one week after the launch of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s ground … Keep reading »

  • Israel’s Historical Mistake

    No matter how the current war plays out, it is certain that Israel has made a big historical mistake in entering Gaza. On Saturday night, one week after the start of Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli ground operation began. Israeli Forces began deploying combat units to surround Hamas’ main power base, … Keep reading »