Author: Marc Bonhomme

Marc Bonhomme is a long-time socialist activist, economist and writer on the Quebec left. His writings can be found at

  • The Events of October 1970: From Yesterday to Today

    In 1970, the national question and the social question were merged (especially in Montreal). The big “bosses” were English. The overwhelmingly francophone working class was exploited as well as oppressed and vice versa. Language on signs and in the workplace, and the names of companies, were predominantly in English. A petty-bourgeois “Quiet Revolution” (1960-1966) was … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Solidaire: In Search of a Second Wind

    Local and regional bodies of Québec solidaire (QS) are in the process of discussing and taking a first vote on the proposals from the party’s national bodies for its convention to take place at the beginning of May 2013. Political strategy, including the issue of alliances with other parties, as well as the choice of … Keep reading »

  • Strike at World’s Largest Nickel Mine

    International solidarity organizes against Vale Inco, 2nd largest transnational mining giant in the world In France’s south Pacific colony of New Caledonia, a small delegation of Vale Inco strikers from Sudbury, in Northeastern Ontario, most of them Franco-Ontarians, met in October with the union at the island’s Vale Inco nickel mine, due to open in … Keep reading »