Author: Heather Whiteside

Heather Whiteside is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo and Fellow at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. She is the author of About Canada: Public-Private Partnerships.

  • Crisis and Virus: COVID-19 in Context

    “Toward the end of the twentieth century a sickness struck the world. Not everyone died, but all suffered from it” — Samir Amin (2003, 7). It has been over forty years since Thatcher and monetarism, thirty years since the Canada-US Free trade agreement came into effect, and twenty years since the launch of the Euro. … Keep reading »

  • Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism

    Kevin Skerrett and Chris Roberts discuss the significance of their edited book, The Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism. Heather Whiteside and Janice Folk-Dawson speak to the issues the book raises for the trade union and working class movements today. Recorded in Toronto, 29 March 2018. Watch video »

  • The Canada Infrastructure Bank: Theft by Deception

    Both the Liberal government and its Advisory Council on Economic Growth are head-over-heels for the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB), announcing with fresh-faced enthusiasm that it will be an innovative route for augmenting infrastructure finance, a flywheel of institutional capital participation, and an economic stimulus boon for the middle class. Beyond the euphoria is deception; there … Keep reading »

  • Hands Off Our Healthcare, Hydro, Transit and Housing

    Toronto — 21 February 2016. Privatization is everywhere in the city, our province, and across the country, whether is is selling off public resources and services; financing and managing public projects through public/private partnerships (P3s); contracting out the public capacity to manage and oversee the operation of programmes we all need. Privatization seeks to transform … Watch video »

  • ‘No Admittance Except on Business’: How P3s are Produced and the Secret of Their Profit Making

    “Accompanied by Mr. Moneybags … we [enter] into the hidden abode of production, on whose threshold there stares us in the face ‘No admittance except on business’. Here we shall see, not only how capital produces, but how capital is produced. We shall at last force the secret of profit making.” — Karl Marx, Capital, … Keep reading »

  • Public Finance, Pensions and P3s

    Toronto — 23 March 2012. View on Toby Sanger, Canadian Union of Public Employees: “Unfinished Business: Economic Repercussions of Austerity” Joel Harden, Labour College of Canada: “Transcending Neoliberalism, One Story at a Time” Heather Whiteside, Simon Fraser University: “Stabilizing Dispossession” These presentations were made at the “Global Economic Crisis and Canadian Austerity” conference, Ryerson … Watch video »