Author: Bruce Kecskes

Bruce Kecskes is a Toronto-based writer and researcher concerned with issues pertaining to labour and political economy.

  • An Economic Recovery for Whom?

    The Ford Omnibus Bill and Post-Pandemic Politics In the first week of July, the Ontario government announced the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act (Bill 197). The sweeping omnibus bill changes twenty pieces of existing legislation and introduces several new acts. There has been little discussion in the mainstream media regarding the content of the bill, outside of … Keep reading »

  • The Coming Precarity: Employment in Canada after the Crisis

    The immediate impact of Covid-19 on the national employment landscape has been nothing short of catastrophic, with Canada suffering unprecedented job losses over the early months of the crisis. More than a million Canadians lost their jobs in March, and an additional 800,000 had their paid hours reduced by over 50 per cent (Evans 2020). … Keep reading »