Author: Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen is a former Vice-President of CAW Local 199 (now Unifor).

  • NAFTA 2.0: Nothing for Workers

    The year 2019 begins with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 2.0 already standing exposed as another corporate trade agreement with no one, including union leaders, having paid attention … Keep reading »

  • Toyota Autoworkers Take on the Liberals

    About a hundred autoworkers, led by workers from Toyota, and their supporters rallied in front of Queen’s Park in Toronto on April 22. They were protesting the Liberal government’s decision to allow an “exception” for the auto industry for personal emergency leave (PEL) days. Keep reading »

  • Fighting the TPP: Niagara Labour Organizes

    From a Townhall Presentation on the Trans-Pacific Partnership on October 22 by Bruce Allen, organized by the Niagara Regional Labour Council, for which Bruce is Vice-President. I want to take … Keep reading »

  • Camaro Blues

    GM’s mid-December announcement that the next generation Camaro will be produced in Lansing, Michigan not in Oshawa is cause for serious reflection among Canadian autoworkers. This relocation of production is … Keep reading »

  • Learning Some Lessons from Michigan’s Auto Jobs Crisis

    The evidence of manufacturing job loss on a massive scale in Ontario where the Canadian auto industry is concentrated is clear and undeniable. Nonetheless a question must be asked. Is … Keep reading »