Author: Adolph Reed Jr.

  • Unlocked: Extended interview w/ Adolph Reed Jr.

    Previously only available to our Patreon-supporters, we’ve decided to make the extended segment of the Oats interview with Adolph Reed accessible to everyone. Listen to audio »

  • Sneak peek: Extended Interview w/ Adolph Reed Jr.

    We continue our discussion about race and class with Adolph Reed Jr. Become a patron of the podcast to hear the full version. Listen to audio »

  • Race, Class, and the Left w/ Adolph Reed Jr.

    Oats for Breakfast talks to Adolph Reed Jr. about race and class. We begin the interview with a discussion about the legacies (and baggage) of the Black Power period. Listen to audio »

  • Launching the Socialist Register 2015: Transforming Classes

    This 51st annual Socialist Register completes the investigation of class formation and class strategies on a global scale begun with last year’s volume. Deploying an understanding of class as an historical social process – rather than an abstract sociological category or statistical artifact – the essays here investigate the concrete ways that working classes are … Watch video »

  • Left Alternatives to Social Democracy

    Toronto — 16 March 2014. Moderated by Abbie Bakan. Presentations by: Leo Panitch is member of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly, is Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University. Editor of The Socialist Register, his books include Working Class Politics in Crisis (1986); The End … Watch video »

  • Race, Class and Crisis

    Toronto, September 24, 2010. The economic crisis that started in U.S. housing markets in 2007 quickly swept across the world market. A long period of stagnation and austerity now seems to be the order of the day. While all working class people have felt the impact of the crisis on their lives and work, the … Watch video »