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No TTC Fares on Smog and Heat Alert Days!

Toronto — 6 July 2011.

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During Extreme Heat Alerts, the City of Toronto counsels people to seek shelter and opens cooling centres across the City. People are at risk of death during these alerts – particularly pregnant women, senior citizens, people living with disabilities and chronic illnesses and people living in substandard housing.

We need TTC to be FREE on Extreme Heat and Smog Alert Days so that people can access cooling centres and stay safe during the summer heat and smog.

Fair Fare Coalition's goals are a physically and economically accessible public transit system including:

These are steps toward a free transit system for all, ensuring that public transit is a right for those who need it, while reducing smog and environmental damage.

Organized by: Fair Fare Coalition; Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly - Free and Accessible Transit Campaign; Damn 2025.

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