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Bullet #1099: Israel: Fortress Racism

by Reuven Kaminer | April 1, 2015

Israel sinks deeper and deeper into an abyss of strident chauvinism and endemic racism. Among its Jewish population there is an almost complete consensus that since Israel lives in a dangerous neighborhood it must be always ready on the draw. This consensus is frayed at its edges when social and economic issues are addressed but holds up when security policy is on the table. The war on Gaza last summer was hardly mentioned during the election campaign.

What's New: Invisible Austerity

| April 1, 2015

This comic explains the invisible austerity program that the Liberals have implemented, attacking poor people in this province. It goes through social assistance rules cut by cut and shows how things have gotten worse under the Liberals. It shows how poor people have lost important benefits and how Kathleen Wynne has no right to call herself "The Social Justice Pemier."

What's New: Why we occupy: Dutch universities at the crossroads

| March 31, 2015

It has been two weeks since the first occupation of the Bungehuis, one of the main buildings of the University of Amsterdam. The more recent occupation of the Maagdenhuis, which was famously occupied back in 1969, and the breadth of the grassroots movement for a New University exposes the problems of Dutch higher education. Increasing student/staff ratios, chronic underfunding, creeping micromanagement of research and teaching, and growing authoritarianism from university management are all conspiring to turn universities into a bureaucratic version of Walmart.

Bullet #1098: SYRIZA's Two Months in Government: Difficulties and Challenges

by Elena Papadopoulou and Michalis Spourdalakis | March 31, 2015

Almost a month after the agreement of the 20th of February between the new Greek government, the European Institutions and the IMF, we need to know where we stand. "We" in this case is not the government. It is not even Syriza's members and voters. "We" includes all those who understand the necessity of a strong democratic reply to aggressive neoliberalism and the austerity it imposes on the people of Europe, and who perceive the victory of Syriza as a gleam of hope against a conservative and reactionary turn of Europe.

What's New: What future for the European Union

| March 30, 2015

As has been the custom for several years now, the transform! europe network is responsible also this year for the Memorandum going to print in several languages. However, in 2015 the publication happens in midst a specific political context. The elections having taken place in Greece at the end of January have led to a landslide victory of the left party of SYRIZA, followed by a government taking office whose declared aim is to bring to an end the affliction imposed on the country.

What's New: York strikers show the way -- now let's build a truly public university

by Justin Podur | March 30, 2015

York's contract faculty are the precarious academic labourers whose difficulties have been brought into some public light by the York strike and other labour actions in North America. The contract faculty settled earlier in March. The teaching assistants and graduate assistants had to battle on until the end of the month to win their objectives. Although the strike ended in a victory, the struggle was mainly defensive.

Bullet #1097: Brazil: The Débâcle of the PT

by Alfredo Saad-Filho | March 30, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of chiefly white middle class protesters took to the streets in Brazil on 15 March in an organized upsurge of hatred against the federal administration led by President Dilma Rousseff of the Workers' Party. These protests are far more cohesive and better organized than the previous wave of anti-government demonstrations, in 2013; their demands are unambiguously reactionary, and they include primarily the country's elite.

LeftStreamed: Education and Mobilization in Contested Mexico

March 29, 2015

This panel of experts on contemporary Mexico explores the context surrounding these events including the rise of drug violence, long standing popular movements among teachers and students, meaningful democracy, and the links between powerful interests in licit and illicit industries. Recorded in Toronto, 18 March 2015.

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Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From the Public March 31, 2015

Harper will continue to win majorities if NDP, Liberals don't join forces, says former NDP MP March 31, 2015

Budget attacks intellectual independence and academic autonomy of post-secondary schools March 31, 2015

Yemen conflict poised to escalate as Egypt says it is ready to send troops March 31, 2015

Could Syriza boost the co-operative economy in Greece? March 31, 2015

Union drama: Real showdown coming in Act 2 March 31, 2015

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5:30pm, Thursday April 2, 2015
Dundonald Park, Somerset & MacLaren, Ottawa.

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: Solidarity with the Quebec student strike against austerity

Thousands of students in Quebec are going on strike against austerity.

The strike is just in the first week, but already students are facing severe police repression, including mass arrests and in at least one instance a student was shot in the face with a tear gas canister at point blank range.

On April 2, as many as 200,000 students across Quebec may vote to join the strike. Their struggle is our struggle.

With the secret police bill C-51 racing through Parliament while public service cuts deepen from coast to coast to coast, the time for action against austerity and repression is now.

Solidarity with the Quebec student strike. Solidarity Against Austerity. #Printemps2015

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