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Bullet #1075: The Monster of Soma Rears Its Head

by Sungur Savran | February 1, 2015

The AKP government in Turkey and, in particular, its undisputed leader, Tayyip Erdogan, president of the republic since last August, are usually remembered by the international public for their brazen violation of political and civil rights, their brutality in dealing with the Gezi revolt of June-September 2013, their unabashed support for the sectarian war waged against the Syrian regime by the various offshoots of the Al Qaeda movement and their growing tendency to impose Islamic rules on public life in Turkey, safely the most secular country in the Muslim world.

What's New: Podemos holds Madrid mass 'March for Change'

| January 31, 2015

The "March for Change" is one of the party's first outdoor mass rallies, as it looks to build on the recent victory of its close allies Syriza in Greece. Podemos has surged into the lead in recent opinion polls, and says it will seek to write off part of Spain's debt if it wins elections later this year. Podemos says politicians should "serve the people, not private interests."

What's New: Russian Defense Ministry Releases Trove of Secret Auschwitz Documents

by Ivan Nechepurenko | January 31, 2015

As the world reflected on the horrors of the Nazi regime on Tuesday -- International Holocaust Remembrance Day -- Russia seized the opportunity to emphasize the Red Army's role in liberating the death camps. Following a recent high-profile spat over differing interpretations of World War II history, the Defense Ministry released 15 historic documents, which had been hidden away in secret archives for decades.

What's New: Thank You Greece

by Maria Helena dos Santos Andrť | January 30, 2015

In a time when in Paris Marine Le Pen is 'Ante Portas', when xenophobic populists are marching through the streets of Dresden, when in London the UKIP sets the tone for an ever more Anti-European hysteria, and when in Helsinki the Finnish government becomes the most ardent proponent of more austerity for Greece, for no other reason but the fear of a success of the 'real Finns' at the next ballot box, the Greek people have given a clear signal, voting against more austerity and for the European values of democracy, the welfare state, tolerance and inclusive societies.

Bullet #1074: Ecological Economics and Changing Everything

by Patricia Perkins | January 30, 2015

I would like to thank and acknowledge the First Nations of the territories where we live and are meeting, the Anishinaabe Mississauga, Seneca, Huron-Wendat, 'Neutrals,' and other peoples whose ancestors lived here. The land claim of the Mississaugas of the New Credit, relating to the Crown's 1805 acquisition of land running from Ashbridge's Bay westward to the mouth of the Credit River, and extending 28 miles northward, is still under negotiation.

What's New: Wreck Park

| January 29, 2015

When Woody Guthrie says "if I had a hammer," he's not talking about selling hammers to everybody at the fuckin Nuremburg rally. But yet, "this land's for you and me" -- it's not a selfish fuckin' Ayn Rand trip either.

What's New: Free Trade Benefits Canada, eh?

by John Warnock | January 29, 2015

Every time I pass through Oshawa, Ontario I think of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the USA. Oshawa is the home of General Motors of Canada, the largest producer of motor vehicles in Canada. Not that long ago Canada was the fourth largest producer of cars and trucks in the world.

What's New: YPG: Defeat in KobanÍ is the beginning of the end for ISIS

| January 28, 2015

"This is the victory of the line of freedom over the dark ISIS," said YPG General Command, extending their thanks to all the Kurdish people, those in North Kurdistan in the first place, peshmerga, Burkan Al F?rat and FSA forces that have supported them in this battle.

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Creating a green social contract for BC's resource workers February 1, 2015

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The Hunting of Billie Holiday February 1, 2015

'Hope begins today': the inside story of Syriza's rise to power February 1, 2015

'Secular' And 'Socialist' Dropped From The Preamble Of Indian Constitution In Republic Day Advertise February 1, 2015

Germans in shock as new Greek leader starts with a bang January 31, 2015

Enbridge Bailed On Its Own Open House in Aamjiwnaang January 31, 2015

Video Crime January 31, 2015

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2:30pm, Sunday February 8, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

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twinkle starForum: The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?

The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?
On January 25 2015, Greece elected a new government representative of a range of radical and left forces after years of protests and street battles against the extreme policies of austerity imposed by the so-called Troika composed of the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Syriza represents the first and the strongest democratic response to the bizarre deepening of neoliberalism after the 2008 crisis.

Were such a democratic government to be stymied or brought down by the hostility of its domestic capitalist class working in cahoots with international capitalists and their political representatives, this would be a tragedy for democracy. It would reinforce the notion, growing ever stronger in Europe today, that the only way to protect people from the neoliberal austerity is through supporting right-wing ethno-nationalist parties. For the moment -- at least until Podemos reclaims the mantle at the end of this year -- a democratic Greece under Syriza represents what democratic Spain represented for the international left in the 1930s. The prospects for a different outcome are much better, provided there is strong international support for giving a Syriza government the breathing room it needs.

This forum brings together two important commentators on the left, socialist strategies and Greece to comment on the openings and dilemmas now confronting the Greek, and indeed the European and international, left.

* Peter Bratsis, Political Science, at City University of New York (see The End of TINA)
* Leo Panitch, Political Science, at York University (see The Greek Election)

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly and Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
2:00pm, Sunday February 1, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

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twinkle starForum: Environmental Justice, the Tar Sands, and Indigenous Rights

Environmental Justice, the Tar Sands, and Indigenous Rights
Tar Sands extraction projects, located primarily in Treaty 6 and 8, have radically damaged and contaminated a huge area of land in so-called Alberta, and poisoned the Athabasca watershed. As a result of the toxic operations, some Indigenous communities are experiencing unusually high rates of rare cancers and other illnesses. Traditional ways of life are also at risk as hunting, fishing, and collecting medicinal plants is becoming more difficult in polluted waters and lands.

These lands are the traditional territories of a number of Indigenous Nations whose right to hunt, fish, and live are protected by Treaties, which are currently being violated.

* Heather Milton Lightening, Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign
* Keith Stewart, Climate and Energy Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace Canada
* Anna Zalik, Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Recommended reading: A Line in the Tar Sands.

This is the second talk in the series: Capitalism vs. Ecology: We Need to Change Everything! Discussion series on ecology, economy, and social justice. Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project. | Facebook event
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