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Austerity Against Democracy
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Bullet #1488: Quebec in Solidarity with Catalonia

| September 25, 2017

As democrats, we feel an obligation to protest strongly to the government of Mariano Rajoy. After having deployed in 2010 the arsenal of the Constitutional Court to block an agreement that granted further autonomy to Catalonia within Spain, this government is now working to block the electoral process of the Catalan people. Over and above the right of peoples to self-determination, recognized in the United Nations Charter, it is democracy itself that is now being battered. This is intolerable. It is intolerable to turn our heads and leave to their fate the Catalan people, denying them in the eyes of the entire world the right to vote and declare where they stand on their political future.

What's New: Harvey, Irma, Jose: Who’s Next?

by Oaklandsocialist | September 24, 2017

Although you’d never know it from listening to the news, everybody with a brain in their head knows what’s going on: When Bill Clinton first ran for president he famously taped a note on his bathroom mirror, 'it’s the economy, stupid.' This time, 'it’s global climate disruption, stupid.' It really is, although Trump and his millions are still in denial.

What's New: What is Democratic Socialism?

| September 24, 2017

This is a panel discussion that took place during the People's Convergence Conference on September 10, 2017. Panelists include: Calvin Priest, Sarko (SADMV), Ryan Mosgrove, Dan La Botz.

Bullet #1487: Catalonia Referendum: Resisting the Spanish Government Siege

by Dick Nichols | September 23, 2017

In 1713-14, it took the troops of Spain’s Borbon monarchy 14 months of siege before taking Barcelona and ending Catalan self-rule. In September 2017, Catalonia is again under siege, this time from the central Spanish People’s Party (PP) government. Under prime minister Mariano Rajoy the Spanish state is concentrating all its firepower on stopping the Catalan government’s October 1 independence referendum. On that day, if this siege is successfully resisted, Catalan citizens will vote on whether 'Catalonia should become an independent state in the form of a republic.'

What's New: The Catalan Independence Referendum: An assessment of the process of self-determination

IRAI | September 23, 2017

This report addresses different aspects of the proposed referendum in Catalonia. In chapter one, Professor Yanina Welp analyzes and presents a political sociological perspective on the respective evolutions of the Catalan support for or rejection of independence. This chapter also summarizes the events that led to the demand for a referendum. In chapter two, Professor Nina Caspersen presents a comparative and historical overview of the political context of the demand for independence for Catalonia and draws up a number of scenarios for the future, depending on the outcome of the referendum.

What's New: By trying to stop Catalonia’s referendum, they’ve sparked something much bigger

by Ignasi Bernat and David Whyte | September 22, 2017

Across Barcelona and the towns and cities of Catalonia, spontaneous demonstrations are breaking out, with people chanting ‘No Pasaran’, ‘We are not afraid’ and singing anti-Francoist resistance hymns. If this feels distinctly like a scene from Spain dark past, that’s because political repression of this scale has probably not been witnessed in Catalonia since Franco.

Bullet #1486: In Defence of Democratic Rights in Catalonia

by José Luis Martínez | September 22, 2017

In Catalonia an important process of independence is taking place against Spain. At the request of the Popular Party (PP), the Spanish Constitutional Court declared the Catalan Statute of 2010, unconstitutional. This statute was negotiated between the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and later endorsed by the Spanish Parliament. Since then, the number of Catalans who want to become independent from Spain has not stopped growing. The degree of autonomy that Catalonia was going to reach was far too much for a right-wing party as the PP, despite the 2010 statute cuts which were decided by the Spanish parliament.

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7:00pm, Tuesday September 26, 2017
Life of Pie, 1134 Bank St., Ottawa.

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Book launch: On Building a Social Movement

On Building a Social Movement
On Building a Social Movement focuses on the North American campaign for southern African liberation. It does so by first evoking both the region-wide battle for liberation from racial oppression that emerged in southern Africa between 1960 and 1994 and the world-wide mobilization of support for that regional struggle which emerged alongside it. It then examines in some detail the building of movements in both Canada and the United States designed to contribute to this notable global effort. These movements sought to publicize the positive goals and concrete undertakings of the liberation struggles on the ground in southern Africa while also focusing public attention on the policies of the governments and the corporations in North America that pulled the two countries to the wrong - the racist and exploitative - side of this African contestation.

Examining carefully both the successes and failures of this work, Saul also discusses the more general implications of such efforts to realize a broader global liberation from capital’s relentless logic; to craft current “anti-apartheid” work against comparable injustices in the relationship between Israel and Palestine; and to ground fresh efforts to renew solidarity with the peoples of southern Africa as they seek to renew the struggle against their own region’s “post-liberation” recolonization.

Facebook event
7:00pm, Tuesday September 26, 2017
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

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Public meeting: The Fight for 15 - What Next?

The Fight for 15 - What Next?
Jonathan Rosenblum, union activist from Seattle and author of recently published Beyond $15, will be talking about the lessons to be learned from the struggle for $15 in the USA. Rosenblum's experience will be of particular interest to activists in the $15 and Fairness movement in Ontario.

Deena Ladd from the Workers' Action Centre will be talking about the Ontario movement - its successes and what lies ahead. We've won $15 or have we? Where to next?

Sponsored by: The Toronto Labour Committee, Workers’ Action Centre, Global Labour Research Centre (York Univ.), Toronto Airport Workers Council | Facebook event | PDF poster
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