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What's New: Headed for a showdown in Quebec

by Ashley Smith | October 8, 2015

More than 150,000 trade unionists, their families and supporters poured into the streets of Montreal from all over Quebec to protest Premier Philippe Couillard's attack on public-sector workers and government services. In front of throngs of cheering demonstrators, Daniel Boyer, president of the Fédération des Travelaileurs du Québec (FTQ), declared, "I'm not going to say that this will be the last peaceful demonstration, but we're moving toward more muscular tactics."

What's New: JVP Statement on State of Emergency in Jerusalem and the West Bank

| October 7, 2015

Jewish Voice for Peace mourns the lives lost in violent attacks, both Palestinian and Israeli, in the last days and weeks. We are deeply alarmed by the escalated level of collective punishment being imposed on Palestinians by both settlers and the Israeli Army. In the last 24 hours, the IDF has used live fire in Jenin and elsewhere in the West Bank, wounding over 100 Palestinians. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society has declared a state of emergency after their staff and ambulances were attacked 14 times in the last 72 hours.

What's New: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

| October 7, 2015

The TPP agreement is a deal currently being negotiated between 12 countries, and currently, drafts leaked to media suggest that there's a lot to be afraid of. The Government can still refine or reject parts of the deal that aren't in the public interest; but without public pressure, there's little hope of hearing about, much less putting a stop to, the devil in the detail.

What's New: Report from Jerusalem: Israeli mobs are attacking Palestinians in the streets

by Sai Englert | October 6, 2015

This afternoon I went to the old city of Jerusalem. It is like a ghost town. Very few Palestinians in the streets, many shops are closed, and so are most entries to Al Aqsa. The passages that remain open are heavily policed, with only those above 55 and tourists allowed in. The streets are full of mobile check points. Each street corner is occupied by a crowd of “police officers” who are basically soldiers in a different uniform. Israeli settlers are all over the place, in all neighbourhoods, walking in small groups – armed, confident, jubilant.

Bullet #1170: Land Claims: An Indigenous People's History of the United States

by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz | October 6, 2015

With a large part of Indigenous nations’ territories and resources in what is now the United States taken through aggressive war, outright theft, and legislative appropriations, Native peoples have vast claims to reparations and restitution. Indigenous nations negotiated numerous treaties with the United States that included land transfers and monetary compensation, but the remaining Indigenous territories have steadily shrunk due to direct federal appropriation by various means as well as through government failure to meet its obligation to protect Indigenous landholdings as required under treaties.

What's New: Blue Rodeo releases song slamming Stephen Harper

| October 5, 2015

Iconic Canadian country-rock band, Blue Rodeo, has released a protest song and video against Stephen Harper and his Conservative government. Titled 'Stealing All My Dreams,' the song and video chronicle the failings of the current government and asks the question: “Have you forgotten that you work for me?” according to a release the band issued.

Mike Constable cartoonWhat's New: C51 brothers

by Mike Constable | October 5, 2015

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