Author: Sean Smith

  • Cabin Fever: Hope on the Edge of Despair at YYZ

    New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman infamously defended globalization with the comment, “No, most of our political elite has not realised that the world is flat.” His beloved neoliberal globalization has indeed helped flatten our world as we are all reading this in some form of quarantine. With lightning speed our lives came to a … Keep reading »

  • Mobilizing Workers at Toronto Airport

    Sean Smith interviewed by Tim Heffernan Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is Canada’s busiest hub and is crucial to the economy. There are more than 40,000 employees working for over 400 employers at the airport, making it the largest workplace in Canada. The following is an interview with Sean Smith, Mobilization Co-ordinator, UNIFOR 2002 and Representative, Toronto … Keep reading »

  • Porter Airlines: The Little Strike that Could

    On Saturday, 26 January 2013 tens of thousands of teachers and supporters rallied outside the Liberal leadership convention at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto in opposition to their Bill 115 which stripped Ontario teachers’ collective bargaining rights. Every corporate media outlet covered this story. By all accounts the rally was a huge, peaceful success. In … Keep reading »

  • The United Left Alliance and the Rise of Working-Class Politics in Ireland

    On Friday February 25th, the Irish people voted in what Fine Gael‘s leader Enda Kenny proclaimed a ‘democratic revolution.’ The results of this election are transformative with the unparalleled decimation of the once dominate Fianna Fail. This left Fine Gael and Labour riding a wave of voter discontent into power. It will likely only be … Keep reading »