Author: Robert Cavooris

Robert Cavooris is a member of the Viewpoint Magazine editorial collective and recently served as secretary of DSA Santa Cruz. His writing has appeared in Historical Materialism, Contemporary Politics, and the Socialist Register.

  • Origins of the Crisis: On the Coup in Bolivia

    Regarding recent events in Bolivia, some things are simple: Was it a coup? Yes. On Sunday, November 10, the commander-in-chief of Bolivia’s armed forces, General Williams Kaliman, publicly told Evo Morales, a constitutionally elected president, that he ought to resign for the good of the country. There is no other name for this kind of … Keep reading »

  • Search for a Mass Politics: The DSA Beyond Bernie

    Last November, in one of the most hostile rental markets in the world, in a city where a majority of residents are renters, a local rent control ordinance was defeated on the ballot by a margin of 38 per cent. In the year running up to Election Day, organizers, including our own local chapter of … Keep reading »