Author: Mary-Jo Nadeau

Mary-Jo Nadeau teaches at the Department of Sociology, University of Toronto-Mississauga.

  • Labour Struggles in Palestine and International Solidarity

    Toronto — 8 May 2016. The global labour movement has long criticized Israel for human and trade union rights violations and abuse of Palestinian workers, while workers in Palestine are resisting oppression and building a movement we can support. Trade unions and federations of labour in Canada are heeding the call for solidarity made by … Watch video »

  • This Is What Complicity Looks Like: Palestine and the Silencing Campaign on Campus

    The campaign to silence Palestine solidarity reaches its annual crescendo during Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). As IAW 2011 approaches, we need to prepare for another round of silencing. This means assessing the silencing campaign and the experience of standing up for free expression over the last few years. The ongoing campaign to silence Palestine solidarity … Keep reading »