Author: Karen Wirsig

Karen Wirsig is a union organizer and former journalist. Follow her tweets at @karenatcmg.

  • What Colour is Your Vest?

    The Gilets Jaunes Revolt Shaking France In 1934, the political situation in France was tense and uncertain. The year began with a mobilization of royalist and fascist militias (on February 6) that were followed immediately (on February 9 and 12) by a response from the Communist and Socialist wings of the workers movement. As Norbert Guterman … Keep reading »

  • Palestine: A Political Travelogue

    Palestine has long been central to colonial and anti-colonial imaginaries – of the Ottoman and British empires, and Zionist and Arab nationalisms, before becoming a key site of inspiration for left and anti-colonial internationalism and recent scholarship on decolonial resistance. The International Conference of Critical Geography in Ramallah, Palestine, in July 2015, extended this trajectory … Watch video »

  • Workers Without Status in France Emerge as a Social Force

    At the end of the afternoon of May 27, a mass demonstration marched into the Place de la Bastille in Paris. The march itself represented what can now be viewed as a low point in the national union mobilizations to challenge the proposed weakening of France’s public pension regime and other reactionary responses of Nicholas … Keep reading »

  • Mayor’s Panel Dreams of White Shiny City by the Lake

    Ten years after Toronto’s amalgamation, a new report commissioned by Mayor David Miller signals consensus among city power-brokers, local politicians (progressives, social democrats, centrists and right-wingers alike), and Premier McGuinty that the logic of the neoliberal restructuring of Toronto has triumphed. There is, apparently, no going back. The city is on its own and must … Keep reading »