Author: Justin Panos

Justin Panos has worked as a researcher for CUPE Ontario and the Centre for Research on Work and Society at York University. Follow him on Twitter at @justinpanos.

  • The Ontario Liberals and Long-Term Care: The Struggle Against Privatization

    Governments across Canada have been caught in a fiscal bind over the entire period of neoliberalism. On the one hand, they have pursued austerity and restraint almost without interruption since the 1990s; and, on the other, they remain under pressure to deliver some minimal social security for welfare, healthcare, pensions and so forth. Since the … Keep reading »

  • Eight Years Gone: The Harper Government’s Health Record

    The Canada Health Accord ceased functioning on March 31, 2014. There was no state funeral. The Accord was negotiated in 2004 under Prime Minister Paul Martin and set-up the last 10-years of funding and healthcare service delivery agreements. Cash transfer increases of 6 per cent annually ensured the provinces a steady cash flow to build … Keep reading »

  • ‘Class’ Warfare: A Primer on the Chicago Teachers Strike

    An estimated 30,000 public school teachers in Chicago walked off the job on Monday for the first time since 1987, leaving 350,000 students in limbo. Chicago has the third-largest school district in the United States and it is the city where President Obama launched his presidential bid. There are national stakes involved, like the election … Keep reading »

  • Drumming Up a Healthcare Crisis

    The Drummond Report’s Implications for Health Policy In a Maclean’s interview in November 2008, former TD Bank Chief Economist (2000-2010) and head of the eponymously titled ‘Drummond Report’ spoke truer than he might have then known. Don Drummond, who spent 23 years in the Federal Ministry of Finance, was asked if he missed “being in the … Keep reading »