Author: Abbie Bakan

Abbie Bakan is Professor of Political Studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She is a member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.

  • Socialism Historically and Today

    Socialist Studies 50th Anniversary Plenary Toronto – 1 June 2017 This year, the Society for Socialist Studies (SSS) turns fifty, and celebrated its anniversary at its annual conference at Congress 2017, … Watch video »

  • Socialism and Feminism

    Toronto — 16 November 2013. Moderated by Brian Donnelly. Presentations by: Abbie Bakan: “Marxism, Feminism, and Indigeneity: Rethinking and Rereading Engels’ Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.” … Watch video »

  • Interrogating Apartheid: Campus as a Site of Resistance

    Toronto — 7 March 2011. Moderated by Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Chadni Desai. Presentations by: Judy Rebick is a well-known social justice activist, writer, journalist, educator and speaker. She was also … Watch video »

  • Israeli Apartheid: A Socialist View

    John Greyson – filmmaker, writer, queer activist and professor at York University in Toronto – recently produced Vuvuzela. This short video cleverly portrays the growing participation of musicians in the … Keep reading »