About Action Keele

There are two Torontos: one for Bay Street bankers and lawyers, another for working people. As the city’s wealthy elite drive around in luxury cars on their way to fancy restaurants, Toronto’s working people rely on public transit system to bring them to work, visit their friends, and get their children to school.

Yet, year after year, public transit is defunded so the wealthy few can keep their taxes low. Decades of failed austerity policies have left the transit system overcrowded, over-priced, and inefficient. This is especially the case for working class, racialized, and immigrant communities, such as those along the #41 Keele route.

We are here to say that it is time this came to an end. Better public transit means less stress in our lives and a fairer and greener city. It also means a greater number of good public sector jobs. Access to decent and reliable transportation is a right. As such, we demand accessible and dignified public bus service on the 41 Keele route, and for working people across the city.

The Action Keele Bus Riders campaign is organizing riders of the Keele 41 route to improve transit service on this line. But we also know that fighting back against failed free market policies is not just about bus service. These policies have failed to provide decent incomes and good jobs. They have failed to provide adequate and affordable housing. And they have failed to provide transportation.

Confronting austerity requires understanding how all these issues are connected – and organizing to fight back!

Action Keele newsletter:

Action Keele Campaign Launch – Saturday December 1st.

If you are interested in learning more about or joining the ActionKeele campaign, please contact us at: actionkeele@socialistproject.ca