Author: Thomas Marois

Thomas Marois is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Development Studies, SOAS, University of London. He is co-editor (with Lucia Pradella) of Polarizing Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis (Pluto, 2014), and author of States, Banks and Crisis: Emerging Finance Capitalism in Mexico and Turkey (2012).

  • Public Banks and a Just and Green Transition

    Public banks are resurgent, triggered by the failure of private finance to meaningfully confront the green transformation. But will resurgent public banks act in the public or private interest? How can progressives ensure public banks support a just green transformation? Democratization is the key. The turning point for public banks was really the UN’s 2015 … Keep reading »

  • Costa Rica’s Banco Popular Shows how Banks can be Democratic, Green – and Financially Sustainable

    A decade on from the 2007-08 global financial crisis, the majority of private banks have changed very little. Most remain solely concerned with maximizing their returns, while sustainable or social goals remain subservient to this. For conventional economists, anything else remains an impossible or distant dream. But there is hope for a different kind of … Keep reading »

  • Polarizing Development: Introducing Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis

    Taken from Polarizing Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis (2015), edited by Lucia Pradella and Thomas Marois, Pluto Press. Available online at We thank Pluto Press for permission to reproduce this excerpt. Neoliberal economic policies, with their emphasis on market-led development and individual rationality, have been exposed as bankrupt not only by the … Keep reading »

  • Contesting Finance Capitalism in Turkey

    Turkey has been touted as one of the great ‘emerging market’ success stories. As the advanced capitalisms like the U.S. and UK sunk into the Great Recession, Turkey pulled out of crisis earning the moniker of a key ‘growth market’ in 2011 by Jim O’Neill, the chair of Goldman Sachs Asset Management who originated the … Keep reading »

  • Workers, Banking, and Crisis in Mexico

    A striking feature of the global financial crisis is the narrow and technical focus on banks and financial corporations without accounting for ordinary workers in these institutions and in society more broadly. Yet through the intensification of work, workers have also underwritten the profitability of finance. This has been generally ignored. In the nexus between … Keep reading »

  • Financial Chaos and the Crisis of Neoliberalism

    A workshop on understanding the credit crisis and its implications for wages, pensions, American power and Left alternatives Toronto — 26 October 2008. Coordinators: Greg Albo, community activist, Socialist Project and Professor of Political Economy, York University Adam Hanieh, CAIA and Political Science, McMaster University Tom Marois, Latin American Solidarity Activist and Development Studies, Queen’s University … Watch video »