Author: S. C. Molavi

S. C. Molavi is the dedicated Israel-Palestine researcher for Forensic Architecture and Associate Professor of Political Science at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. She is author of Stateless Citizenship: The Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel (Brill, 2013), which explores the dynamics of Israel's multifaceted legal, political and structural system of control through the lens of citizenship.

  • The Viral Emergency in Palestine

    Over a dozen states, including Hungary, Ethiopia, Japan, Canada, and Botswana, have recently declared a “state of emergency” giving governments sweeping powers to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Israel did not have to do so, having incorporated emergency regulations into domestic law upon its establishment in 1948. Israel’s radical response to the global pandemic were thus … Keep reading »

  • If Palestinians Were Human Beings

    Today the struggle for people of conscience appears to be less about convincing people that Israel is committing war crimes against Palestinians or grossly violating international law. Instead the struggle has become about convincing the world that Palestinians are human beings too. The ongoing televised genocidal attack of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli army … Keep reading »