Author: Panagiotis Sotiris

Panagiotis Sotiris is a journalist based in Athens, Greece and a member of the editorial board of Historical Materialism.

  • On the Current Crisis in Turkey-Greece Relations

    Relations between Turkey and Greece are currently in a phase of escalating crisis. This development can be traced back to a number of reasons. Firstly, Turkey is in a phase of intensified “power projection” in its attempt to achieve the status of a regional power, something made evident in a series of choices: its involvement … Keep reading »

  • Is a Democratic Biopolitics Possible?

    Giorgio Agamben’s recent intervention (“The Invention of an Epidemic”) which characterizes the measures implemented in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as an exercise in the biopolitics of the “state of exception” has sparked an important debate on how to think of biopolitics. The very notion of biopolitics, as it was formulated by Michel Foucault, has … Keep reading »

  • The Strategic Question Revisited: Ten Theses

    In 2006 Daniel Bensaïd made a very important call to reopen the debate on the ‘politico-strategic’ question. This call was made amidst a series of discussions within the European anticapitalist Left at a moment when signs of hope, such as the new wave of militancy associated with the anti-globalization movement, were combined with strategic contradictions, … Keep reading »

  • The Crisis of European Integration and the Challenges for the Left

    The elephant in the room is now visible to everyone. All the developments of the past years, from the extreme violence and cynicism of the “memoranda of understanding” imposed upon Greece to the decision of the British referendum in favour of Brexit, point to the same direction: the deep crisis of European Integration. It was … Keep reading »

  • The Realism of Audacity

    Rethinking Revolutionary Strategy Today In a certain way, I feel a certain unease since the entire Greek Left has some form of responsibility for the fact that Greece is not currently a laboratory of hope; rather it is a reason for despair. What I am going to say should be taken as a form of self-criticism … Keep reading »

  • How Can We Change the World, If We Can’t Change Ourselves?

    The Challenges Facing the Anti-Capitalist Left in Europe The anti-capitalist Left in Europe is in crisis. From the crisis of the International Socialist Tendency, to the political implosion of the New Anticapitalist Party in France, and from the fragmentation of the left-tendencies of Rifondazione Comunista in Italy to the inability of ANTARSYA in Greece to broaden … Keep reading »

  • From Resistance to Hegemony

    The Struggle Against Austerity and the Need for a New Historical Bloc Austerity has been the main battle cry on the part of the forces of capital. New cuts in public spending, new cuts in pensions, new cuts in social expenditure, mass lay-offs of public sector workers, all in the name of dealing with increased budget … Keep reading »

  • The Left and the European Union

    On the Need for an Anti-Euro and Anti-EU Position What has been happening in Greece, since the beginning of the austerity packages in 2010 can only be described in terms of a giant experiment in neoliberal social engineering. In terms of magnitude and scope it well surpasses the effects of the notorious IMF ‘structural adjustment programs,’ … Keep reading »

  • The Greek Crisis and the Left Response

    Two Essays by Sotiris (1) Beyond ‘Realism’: Greece, the challenges for the Left and the need for a radical strategy For the past three years Greece has been at the same time an experiment in neoliberal social engineering and a laboratory of movements and collective struggles. For the first time in many decades we have the case of … Keep reading »

  • The Greek Left and the Rise of the Neo-Fascist Golden Dawn

    For the past months there has been an intense debate both in Greece but also in international media regarding the rise of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece. The reason is obvious: for the first time in a European Union (EU) country a political party that in contrast to most of the varieties of the … Keep reading »

  • Political Crisis, the Left and the Possibility of a New Historical Bloc

    The combination of economic crisis, social devastation and open political crisis in ‘weak links’ of the European Project such as Greece has raised the possibility of social and political change. In Greece we have witnessed a sequence of social and political developments that are based on an extreme case of economic and consequently social crisis … Keep reading »

  • Greece: From Despair to Resistance

    On Sunday 12 February 2012 the people of Greece, in demonstrations and street fights all over the country expressed in a massive, collective and heroic way their anger against the terms of the new loan agreement dictated by the EU-ECB-IMF ‘troika’ (Eurpoean Union, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund). Workers, youth, students filled the streets … Keep reading »