Author: Michalis Spourdalakis

Michalis Spourdalakis, a founding member of Syriza, is one of Greece's foremost political scientists and currently Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Athens.

  • Renewals and Transitions: Socialist Practice and Vision

    Session 6 of the Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy conference: Renewals and Transitions: Socialist Practice and Vision. Presentations by Michalis Spourdalakis, Sam Gindin, Bhaskar Sunkara and Saeed Rahnema. Recorded in Toronto, 7 October 2017. Watch video »

  • Rekindling Hope: SYRIZA’s Challenges and Prospects

    Before turning to the main theme of this article it would be very useful to come to terms with at least the following preliminary observations: The left in government and especially the radical left in government has never been the subject of easy discussion among leftists. As the project of social transformation was never a … Keep reading »

  • Syriza Before and After the Elections: To Fight Another Day

    Michalis Spourdalakis interviewed by Pavlos Klavdianos Pavlos Klavdianos (PK): Will the elections bring about changes in the balance of power and on the political system? Michalis Spourdalakis (MS): The historical victory of the Left in January marked a change in the system of political representation which outlines a new dynamic for the political forces. However, the … Keep reading »

  • SYRIZA’s Two Months in Government: Difficulties and Challenges

    The First Round of Negotiations Almost a month after the agreement of the 20th of February between the new Greek government, the European Institutions and the IMF, we need to know where we stand. “We” in this case is not the government. It is not even Syriza’s members and voters. “We” includes all those who understand … Keep reading »

  • The Crisis and Socialist Strategy

    Toronto — 11 June 2013. Lessons from the Greek Left Michalis Spourdalakis is a founding member of Syriza and currently serves on its policy planning committee. Professor of Political Science at Athens University and current chair of the Hellenic Political Science Association, he is also on the Secretariat of Nicos Poulantzas Institute, and a corresponding editor … Watch video »

  • Michalis Spourdalakis

    Syriza’s Rise

    The rise of Syriza, Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left, in the May elections and in polls since has changed the political landscape of Europe. Michalis Spourdalakis, professor of political science at Athens University, talked to Alex Doherty (of New Left Project) about Syriza, the reasons for their success and what the prospects are now … Keep reading »