Author: Laurie E. Adkin

Laurie E. Adkin teaches Political Science at the University of Alberta.

  • The Limits of Capitalism

    At this point in human history, the limits of capitalism and the limits of our species’ life on Earth have converged. We have never been here before, and we cannot go back. The political activism of my youth was largely in solidarity with anti-colonial movements in Africa and Palestine, anti-US imperialist movements and dictatorships in … Keep reading »

  • Understanding the Financial Crisis

    Toronto, January 30, 2009 The financial crisis that has ripped across the world market over the last year has been remarkable in the chaos it has unleashed – and continues to unleash – on national economies, workers, ecologies and marginalized communities. Financial authorities, have admitted that whole banking systems may have to be nationalized. This … Watch video »

  • Financial Crisis and Ecological Amnesia

    As OECD governments and political parties rush to pour billions of dollars into the generation of more credit to stimulate more consumption, no one seems to be pointing out that only a short time ago, the same governments were insisting that there was no money for a significant reduction of greenhouse gases. There was no … Keep reading »