Author: Kamilla Pietrzyk

Kamilla Pietrzyk is a transit activist.

  • Fight for Fare Free Transit in Toronto

    Toronto — 28 September 2014. Presentations by: Kamilla Pietrzyk of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly‘s Free and Accessible Transit Campaign Ward 6 Socialist city council candidate Michael Laxer, who is … Watch video »

  • No Fare is Fair

    A Roundtable with Members of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly Transit Committee The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly (GTWA) is a promising new initiative aiming to build a united, non-sectarian, and militant … Keep reading »

  • Free and Accessible TTC!

    Toronto, July 16, 2010. Part 1: Deb Cowen – University of Toronto Department of Geography. Karen Sun – former Executive Director of Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter and current … Watch video »