Author: Joan Benach

Joan Benach is a professor, researcher and public health specialist (Health Inequalities Research Group, Greds-Emconet, Pompeu Fabra University (UPF); Johns Hopkins-UPF Public Policy Center; GinTrans2 (Transdisciplinary Research Group on Socio-ecological Transitions, Madrid Autonomous University, UAM). Twitter @joan_benach

  • The Pandemic Kills the Poor: Inequality Will Kill Them Even More

    In just over four months, COVID-19 has become the fastest-growing known global health crisis to date. Various systemic biological, political and public health factors have converged to make this happen: the contagiousness and the high mortality rate of the virus, the neoliberal weakening of national and global public health systems, the globalization of air-transport tourism, … Keep reading »

  • The Official Story of the Coronavirus Hides a Systemic Crisis

    A View from Spain The new coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) has many faces. The health-related facet has been thoroughly examined for weeks or, better said, scrutinized by the media, especially in countries like Spain and Italy, among others. From the last week of January to the time of writing this text (March 9), the coronavirus is known to … Keep reading »