Author: Gordon Laxer

Founding Director of Parkland Institute at University of Alberta, author of After the Sands: Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians. He blogs at, and tweets at @AfterTheSands.

  • To Freeze the Thames

    Geo-Science, Social Risk and Climate Struggles Is advanced-industrial capitalism capable of finding solutions for the environmental devastation it causes? Or are the logics of capitalism and environmental sustainability inherently and irreconcilably at odds? This session of the Capitalism Workshop explores the economics and politics surrounding natural geo-engineering – re-wilding agricultural land, freed up by compulsory veganism … Watch video »

  • After the Sands

    Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians Toronto — 7 April 2016. View on The Paris climate accords were strong on aspirations to keep the world below 2C temperature rise but very weak on delivery. Despite Trudeau’s claims that Canada is back, Ottawa has stuck with Stephen Harper’s pathetic climate targets. To meet its commitments, each … Watch video »