Author: Free Transit Ottawa

Free Transit Ottawa is made up of environmental and social justice activists who share a common goal of a more equitable and sustainable future for all. We see public transit as having a crucial role in combating climate change, and promoting social justice in Ottawa and around the world.

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    Public transit is an essential service. In the midst of a pandemic it is also a particularly dangerous one for transit workers and transit users. The City of Ottawa has … Keep reading »

  • Campaign for Improved and Democratized Transit in Ottawa

    Our ‘New Vision’ involves demands for a significant expansion of ‘Fare Free’ and accessible transit, improved service, and a governance structure that would make transit decisions more accountable to the … Keep reading »

  • Free Transit in Ottawa

    Fighting Against Climate Change and for Social Justice Ottawa’s public transit system has many shortcomings. Too often buses are congested and/or infrequent. Few stops have shelters and many users face lengthy … Keep reading »