Author: Eric Tucker

  • Shocking but Not Surprising: COVID and Class

    A recent Toronto Star article, by Sara Mojtehedzadeh and Jennifer Yang, “More than 180 workers at this Toronto bakery got COVID-19,” and reproduced below, reveals a large COVID outbreak at FGF Brands, a major industrial bakery in Toronto, where 184 workers tested positive and one died. That outbreak began in mid-April, but we are only … Keep reading »

  • ‘In What World?’ PPE, Healthcare Workers and the Ontario State

    In what world is a court order needed to require employers to provide front-line healthcare workers with the personal protective equipment (PPE) that they, in their professional judgment, relying on best practices and government directives, determine is needed to perform their jobs safely? Welcome to Ontario where on April 22, in the midst of the … Keep reading »

  • The Anti-Union Virus Inside the Emergency Powers: Lessons for Workers

    While the Covid virus weakens immune systems, it fortifies the anti-union animus of right-wing governments. When it was clear that there was no way the coronavirus was going to exempt Ontario from its ravages, Ontario had to react. The problem was that, even though Toronto had been one of the epicentres of the SARS epidemic, … Keep reading »