Author: Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood publishes the Left Business Observer and is a contributing editor at The Nation magazine.

  • Taxing the Rich is Only a Start, Though it’s a Good One

    It’s become near-consensus on the social democratic left that you can fund a decent welfare state by taxing the rich and shrinking the military. Sad to say that isn’t true. Those are good things in themselves, and you could pay for some excellent things with that agenda, but it would still be well short of … Keep reading »

  • Power: Institutional Foundations for Classes and States

    Session 4 of the Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy conference: Power: Institutional Foundations for Classes and States. Presentations by Ruth Felder, Adam Hilton, Ursula Huws, and Doug Henwood. Recorded in Toronto, 7 October 2017. Watch video »

  • Jonesing for a Slump? Austerity in the Face of Weakness

    Having successfully avoided depression through a massive, largely coordinated, stimulus program, the world bourgeoisie now looks ready to reverse it – some because they think it a success, and others because they think it was a failure. This is a very dangerous business. Abroad, the austerity party is led by Germany, with some neighbouring allies, … Keep reading »