Author: Dan Freeman-Maloy

Dan Freeman-Maloy is an activist and writer based in Montreal. He blogs at

  • Racism, Palestine and the IHRA: Letter to Barrie City Council

    Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) applauds Barrie, Ontario, Mayor Jeff Lehman for withdrawing a motion to adopt the controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism on August 10, 2020. Motion 8.2, Adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Definition of Antisemitism was due to be voted on by Barrie City Council … Keep reading »

  • Balfour at 100: A Legacy of Racism and Propaganda

    The coming months mark the centennial of Palestine’s forcible incorporation into the British Empire. In November 1917, British foreign secretary Lord Arthur Balfour declared his government’s support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”; in December, Jerusalem fell to British troops. One hundred years later, the effects of these … Keep reading »

  • Why is the Canadian Media Ignoring Evidence of 1948 Massacres?

    The better part of a decade ago, I described the Toronto Star‘s Mitch Potter as “a canary in the mineshaft of liberal Canadian racism.” A piece on 1948 Palestine published in a recent edition of the Toronto Star[1] shows the canary very close to asphyxiating. Since Potter insists he was within his rights to describe … Keep reading »

  • Signs of Regression: The NDP and Palestine

    A friend recently expressed his confusion about the outrage over the death of Ali Dawabsheh, the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler who was killed last month when Jewish settlers firebombed his home in the occupied West Bank.[1] (The child’s father was also badly burned in the attack, and eight days later died from his injuries.) An attack … Keep reading »

  • The Gaza Ceasefire with Dan Freeman-Maloy

    The Ossington Circle is an internet talk show hosted by Justin Podur in Toronto. In this episode, recorded during the 72-hour ceasefire at the end of a month of Israel attacking Gaza in 2014, Freeman-Maloy talks about the ceasefire, the long history of Israel’s decades-long, disciplined destruction of Gaza and of Palestinian society, the ironclad … Watch video »

  • Some Basic Thoughts on Québec and Anti-Imperialist Strategy

    The Harper government has dragged Canadian politics to a point where intelligent criticism is difficult. Things are almost too obviously bad. On an international stage, it was enough to see the smug chuckles that Binyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman exchanged as Harper delivered his speech to Israeli parliament this January, urging Israel’s leadership to stay … Keep reading »

  • Palestine in Canadian Politics

    Early this month, the Canadian section of Israel’s quasi-governmental Jewish National Fund (JNF) made a big show of honouring Stephen Harper at its annual “Negev Dinner.” It was the first time a sitting Canadian prime minister served as the gala’s honouree – and a grating reminder of how bad Canadian politics on Palestine have gotten. … Keep reading »

  • After the Canadian Jewish Congress

    Toronto — 24 April 2013. Palestine, Canadian Jewish Politics, and “This Immense Mess” Dan Freeman-Maloy talks about the deterioration of Canadian Jewish politics and implications for leftist strategy. The talk also outlines the broader politics of Western Zionism and identifies the relationship between the Palestine question and the rise of budgetary authorities within communal leadership structures. … Watch video »

  • 70 Years After Warsaw

    “The present situation of the Jews, apparently triumphant in Israel and at the apogee of their prestige in the capitalist world, is more tragic under this glory than it often was under humiliation.” — Maxime Rodinson, 1968.[1] This month marks 70 years since the Jewish uprising at Warsaw. By early 1943, Europe’s main Jewish population … Keep reading »

  • For Israel, Imperialism Isn’t Enough

    “What I am trying to say to you, my friends, comrades, brothers and sisters, is that what we are facing with Israel is a two-headed monster: it is both an imperialist monster, a colonialist monster; but it is also an exterminist state.” — Eqbal Ahmad, speaking on the occasion of Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon. … Keep reading »

  • European Politics on Palestine

    David Cronin interviewed by Dan Freeman-Maloy David Cronin is one of the leading public critics of European policies on Palestine. He has written for a variety of publications across Europe, has served as European correspondent for The Sunday Tribune (Dublin) and as Brussels correspondent for the Inter Press Service news agency, and is the author of … Keep reading »

  • Kadima’s Black Flags and Israel’s Image Problem

    Israel is currently experiencing an internationally visible collapse of its ‘liberal democratic’ camp, raising significant problems for a state whose underlying theocratic and apartheid features have historically been partially covered from international view by liberal democratic pretenses. Given that the governments of Greece and Italy are apparently being seized for direct political rule by the … Keep reading »