Author: brad-hornick

Brad Hornick is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at Simon Fraser University. He is active with System Change Not Climate Change – an Ecosocialist Network, and the Vancouver Ecosocialists. Follow his tweets at @bradhornick.

  • Militant Particularism and Ecosocialism: Harvey, Klein, Smith, Foster

    In “Militant Particularism and Global Ambition: The Conceptual Politics of Place, Space, and Environment in the Work of Raymond Williams” (1995), David Harvey discusses the challenges presented by moving from place out across time. In the midst of his involvement in a participatory research project within a high-stakes local struggle against the closure of an … Keep reading »

  • COP21 Fossil Fuel Addiction

    A guide for intervention from the climate justice movement Author’s note: this article is meant to be both deadly serious and parody. It attempts humour and commits unforgiveable psychological reductionism of political issues. It is hoped the reader will discern the message behind the form of delivery. Fossil Fuel Addiction is killing the planet. The Climate … Keep reading »

  • A View from Burnaby Mountain: Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything

    “The call came to protestors assembled at bore-hole 2 on Burnaby Mountain: ‘Kinder Morgan has arrived! Get your asses down here.’ I ran to the motorcycle and hurried down to Drummond Walk. A few comrades were just starting to follow KM workers – 2 hardhats with chain saws, a couple management types and a few … Keep reading »

  • False Hopes or Political Strategy?

    There are two points of common agreement amongst almost all sections of the Left. We are in the midst of a fundamental turning point in the earth’s environment from climate change, with many catastrophic consequences unfolding, from species extinction to habitat loss to enormous obstacles and costs for human adaptation; and the Left remains, in … Keep reading »