Author: Barry Finger

Barry Finger is an editorial board member of the socialist journal, New Politics, and has contributed to left publications in England and Italy.

  • What Next in the Greek Crisis?

    If the ongoing standoff between the Syriza government and the Troika of the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF) could be boiled down to its essentials, it would be this: The “institutions” will only equip the Greek economy with enough operating funds to manage a bare-bones operation. And they … Keep reading »

  • The Bipartisan Assault on Higher Education

    Barack Obama and Republican Party Presidential nominee Mitt Romney agree that the Stafford loan program should be maintained at a 3.4 per cent interest rate, rather than being allowed to double by this July. This, somehow, is seen as a great boon to students and evidence of a bipartisan commitment to the upcoming generation. Keeping … Keep reading »