Author: Atilio A. Boron

Atilio Boron is an Argentine political scientist and sociologist. He has been a professor of political and social theory on the Social Sciences Faculty at the University of Buenos Aires since 1986. He is a senior researcher at CONICET (Argentina's National Council for Scientific and Technical Research). He blogs at

  • Alberto Nisman’s Death and AMIA: Who Cares About the Truth?

    We offer here two articles by Ezequiel Adamovsky and Atilio Boron on the politics surrounding the death of Alberto Nisman in Argentina. On 18 January the Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment in Buenos Aires. A few days before he had returned from his vacations in Europe and presented a shocking … Keep reading »

  • Spain: The ‘Indignant’ and the Paris Commune

    Perhaps it’s one of history’s surprises that the popular uprising surging through Spain today (and which is beginning to reverberate throughout the rest of Europe) was sparked on the 140th anniversary of the Paris Commune, a heroic moment in which the fundamental demand was also that of democracy. But a democracy conceived as a government … Keep reading »