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Pandemic Polarizations

Join Monthly Review Press and the Socialist Register together with Walden Bello, Jayati Ghosh, and Vishwas Satgar, as they discuss their contributions to New Polarizations, Old Contradictions: The Crisis of Centrism — the final volume of the Socialist Register to have been shaped by the late Leo Panitch. Walden Bello’s crucial perspective on the subject … Keep reading »

‘Crush Inflation’?

Politicians, the media, central bankers and the average worker have all been talking up the recent acceleration in the cost of living. Just a short time ago price rises of just 2% might have been considered ‘inflationary’. In the current phase of the Covid pandemic, inflation in core capitalist states, including Canada, is now running … Keep reading »

The Hard Right and the Political Parties of Capital

Second in the Socialist Register 58 Series: “Old Polarizations, New Contradictions: The Crisis of Centrism.” BILL FLETCHER: will address the "Danger of Right-Wing Populism in the US" assessing of the forces marshalled on the right over the course of the Trump presidency, leading to the insurrection of January 2021, and the continuing dangers of a … Keep reading »

A Left Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Internationally respected linguist and analyst Noam Chomsky and well-known socialist Bill Fletcher, Jr. will be discussing the roots of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the background to the conflict, the US role, and how the Left can respond. This will be live-streamed on YouTube. Organized by Liberation Road, and endorsed by 15 other organizations. PDF poster.

Global Political Struggles of the Working Class

David Harvey: The Double Consciousness of Capital Ilya Matveev, and Oleg Zhuravlev: Social Sources of Political Polariztion in Russia Virgina Fontes, Ana Garcia, and Rejane Hoeveler: The Far Right, Corporate Power, Social Struggle in Brazil DAVID HARVEY is Distinguished Professor of anthropology and geography at the City University of New York. ILYA MATVEEV teaches politics … Keep reading »

SR 2022: The Direction Forward

VISHWAS SATGUR: Epidemiological Neoliberalism in South Africa In this presentation, Vishwas Satgar sets out the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa as an example of polarized access to medical services shamelessly piled on top of acute polarizations of income and employment and ecological vandalism. But the ANC government’s neoliberal pandemic response, “has also unleashed a cycle … Keep reading »

Diversions, Divisions, Decline

The Right, Social Movements, and the Ontario Election Democracy in Ontario? Only the naïve and those standing to gain from the political spoils are refusing to concede that electoral democracy is rotten to its core in Ontario. Since the 1990s, the neoliberal policy regime of ‘free markets’, low taxes, cuts to social provisioning, and more … Keep reading »

Rights, Regularization and Status for All!

Christie Pits Park 750 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario

On September 18 – one day before Canadian Parliament returns – we will gather in the thousands to demand equal rights and permanent resident status for all undocumented people, migrant workers, students, families and refugees. A historic regularization program is on the horizon, but we need to take to the streets to ensure that no … Keep reading »

Global Climate Strike

Queen's Park South Lawn, Toronto, Ontario

Fridays for Future (Toronto) will be leading an action for the Global Climate Strike! More details to come, save the date. Rally starting at 2:00pm, march at 3:00pm. Labour and Allies Feeder March: Meet: 12:30 pm, Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil St. March: 1:15 pm – to Queen's Park (8-10 blocks) Bring: Your flags, banners, signs … Keep reading »