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International Women’s Day Toronto 2021

Rising Above the Pandemic: Fighting For A Just Future For All How we meet this year may be different. Our commitment to social justice remains the same. We look forward to gathering with you all virtually and celebrating this important day in gender justice. Organized by Women Working With Immigrant Women and the IWD Toronto … Keep reading »

Online Global Assembly: Stand with Africa – Vaccines for All

Join us on Sunday 14th March for an Online Global Assembly: Stand with Africa – Vaccines for All. Healthcare and frontline workers of the world unite. Speakers include: Baba Aye, Jeremy Corbyn, Esther Kandeh, Anna Marriott, Mohammed Safiyanu, Zwelinzima Vavi, Lois Chingandu, Mazibuko Jara and many more.

The Big Tech Monopolies and the State /w Grace Blakeley

As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic swept through the global economy, the average observer could have been forgiven for missing a critical piece of news: by May 2020, the combined market capitalization of the four largest US tech companies reached one fifth of the entire S&P 500. Four companies – Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook – now account for 20 per cent of the combined value of the 500 largest US corporations – an unparalleled level of market concentration. Forty years these corporate entities were either just beyond being plucky start-ups, or did not even exist. Monopolistic tendencies are not limited to the tech sector. In 1975, the largest 100 US companies accounted for nearly half of the earnings of all publicly listed companies; by 2015, their share reached 84 per cent.

The Right to Care in the Time of COVID

The Case of Nursing Homes Speaker Dr. Pat Armstrong is Distinguished Research Professor in Sociology at York University. After the talk there will be a Q&A period. About the presenter: Dr. Pat Armstrong is Distinguished Research Professor in Sociology at York University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. She held a CHSRF/CIHR … Keep reading »

Canada’s Climate Action Plan: The Good,The Bad, and The Ugly

Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN!) is a newly formed Ontario-based organization seeking to inform and mobilize seniors in an effort to address the climate emergency. We recognize that climate action is also a call for social justice and economic transformation - the opportunity, as well as the need, to address racism and economic inequities. … Keep reading »

Working Class Cinema in the Age of Digital Capitalism

Why does the story of cinema begin with the end of work? Is it because, as has been suggested, it is impossible to represent work from the perspective of labor but only from the point of view of capital, because the revolutionary horizon of the working class coincides with the end of work? After all, … Keep reading »

Day of solidarity with the Haitian people

Haitian consulate in Montreal 300 Rue Léo Pariseau, Montreal

Solidarité Québec-Haiti applauds the call issued by Coalition haïtienne au Canada contre la dictature en Haïti for active solidarity with the People of Haiti on Monday, March 29, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of the Haitian consulate in Montreal, located at 300 Rue Léo Pariseau. This demonstration against Canadian support for … Keep reading »

Book launch: Rising Up

Rising Up: The Fight for Living Wage Work in Canada edited by Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli, and Tom McDowell (UBC Press), shows how living wage movements have transformed, or are campaigning to transform, labour policy in Canada and stimulated broader public debate about income and social inequality. Canada has one of the highest rates of … Keep reading »


From Neoliberal Fashion to New Ways of Clothing

The past four decades have seen a tremendous transformation in how we clothe ourselves. The way clothes are produced, traded and sold today around the world reflects many of the problems today’s capitalism poses to the working classes, with deleterious consequences for the environment as well. Global supply chains, in which non-finished goods flow back and forth around the world so that brands and retailers can increase their profits, dominate the landscape of this industry.

Shifting Gears /w Sean Sweeney and John Treat

Writing in the 2021 Socialist Register, Sean Sweeney and John Treat call for a major shift in transport policy: a break from the model of development centered on private personal vehicles to one that places mass public transport at the center of future passenger mobility. The current approach – reliance on incentives and assurances to … Keep reading »