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Life After the Pandemic /w Christoph Hermann

From Production for Profit to Provision for Need Perhaps the greatest flaw revealed by the Covid-19 crisis is capitalism’s addiction to profit. The main goal of capitalist production is the maximization of profit; the satisfaction of needs is only a by-product in the endless process of accumulation. This means that the economy cannot simply pause … Keep reading »

Dual Presentation: Community Restaurants and Postcapitalism

Community Restaurants: Decommodifying Food as Socialist Strategy with Benjamin Selwyn The outbreak of Covid-19 has exacerbated many of the system’s worst aspects. In the UK, the birthplace of free wage-labor based capitalist agriculture, the pandemic has exacerbated existing food inequities. The pandemic has stimulated discussions about how to remedy the world’s corporate-dominated food system. The … Keep reading »

Syndemic: Crucial Conversations about Humanity’s Organic Crisis

What will Covid-19 mean for humanity’s future? And how can we relate our understanding of that pattern to the national communities in which we live? Join us as world-renowned scholars, journalists, and activists address these questions. May 13, 2021, 7pm: Mike Davis, co-author of Set the Night on Fire. Zoom meeting ID: 937 3986 0877.

Far From Over: Class Struggle and Union Organizing at Amazon

A presentation and roundtable discussion on class struggle and union organizing at Amazon warehouses with Alessandro Delfanti and Amazon workers and organizers Ira and Fathia. A central political challenge for the Left today is to organize gig workers across the sectors of digital capitalism into unions. High-tech corporations such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook … Keep reading »


EcoSocialist Alliance Challenges the G7

Speakers from Green Left, Left Unity, ACR and WIN with others invited. This is discussion around the G7 meeting in Cornwall and how we as ecosocialists can present a real alternative. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US) have a great part of the immense wealth of the richest countries in the … Keep reading »

Book Launch: Able to Lead

Join us for the launch of the groundbreaking new book by Ravi Malhotra and Benjamin Isitt, Able to Lead: Disablement, Radicalism and the Political Life of E.T. Kingsley, with commentators Bryan Palmer, and Geoffrey Reaume.

GJO & CUPW Mural Reveal

We will be broadcasting on Youtube Live at 6:00pm, the Just Transition Mural in Oshawa, Ontario. We are so excited to have worked with great partners, a talented artist, and bring impactful messaging to the citizens of Oshawa! On behalf of our partners, we are so excited to continue making murals this year, the year … Keep reading »