Author: Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas teach the Department of Sociology at York University.

  • Renewing Working Class Politics, Rebuilding Canadian Labour

    Toronto — 23 March 2012. View on Mark P. Thomas and Steve Tufts, York University: “Uneven Worker Power and the Populism-Austerity-Labour Nexus” Herman Rosenfeld teaches Labour Studies at McMaster University: “CAT Closure: What have we lost? What can we learn?” Sam Gindin is the Packer Chair in Social Justice at York University: “Beyond Austerity: … Watch video »

  • Worker Power in an Age of Uneven Austerity

    Any time commentators speak of a new ‘age,’ powerful assumptions quickly become entrenched in our thinking. An ‘age of austerity’ now encompasses many western economies as governments launch fierce campaigns against workers to lower public sector wages. At the same time, capital has taken a ‘wait and see’ attitude resulting in an unprecedented hoarding of … Keep reading »