Author: Joanne Naiman

Joanne Naiman is a retired sociology professor living in Vancouver.

  • The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism: What It Means For Canadians

    This talk was given as part of a public meeting titled “One Year Later…Gaza Remembered,” held at the Vancouver Public Library on January 30, 2010. We are here tonight primarily to hear about the effects of an illegal occupation and war on the people of Gaza, and to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people. … Keep reading »

  • Combating Anti-Semitism or Shielding Israel?

    Submission to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism I am writing this submission as a sociologist, a Jew, and a long-time opponent of all forms of oppression. As a person of Jewish descent, I obviously have a personal interest in seeing anti-Semitism addressed wherever it appears. However, as a social scientist I feel the term … Keep reading »