Author: Gal Kirn

Gal Kirn currently lives in Berlin, works at TU Dresden, while in his hometown of Ljubljana he is a member of the Left Party (Levica). His book Partisan Ruptures and Contradictions of Market Socialism in Yugoslavia is forthcoming later this year (Pluto Press), he co-edited the book Beyond Neoliberalism (Palgrave, 2017), Encountering Althusser (Bloomsbury, 2013) and Surfing the Black, Transgressive Moments in Yugoslav Cinema (Jan van Eyck Academie, 2012), and edited the publication Post-Fordism and its Discontents (JvE Academie, 2010).

  • European Progressive Future? Neither Yesterday’s Tsipras nor Today’s Greens

    One cannot and should not turn away from the disastrous results of the recent European Parliament elections, especially considering that Leftist parties across the European Union (EU) expected to gain 38 Members of the European Parliament (MEP), achieving around 5% of the vote. The leadership and organizers of European Left needs to think thoroughly over … Keep reading »

  • The Emergence of the New Left Party in Slovenia

    Initiative for Democratic Socialism Only a few years ago anyone advocating socialism in the Slovenian public media was seen either as an old nostalgic decrying “good old times” and Josip Broz Tito (leader of the former Yugoslavia), or as a leftist extremist, who in the political spectrum does not sit far away from the extreme right-wingers. … Keep reading »

  • A Ghost is Haunting Slovenia, the Ghost of Revolution!

    At the moment that I am writing this text, the massive social uprising in Slovenia continues and enters, with even fiercer political determination, into a new stage of political maturity. What began as an isolated sparkle in late November 2012 in Maribor, the second biggest city of Slovenia, spread to other cities and weeks later … Keep reading »