Author: David Harvey

David Harvey is Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His latest book is The Enigma of Capital, and the Crises of Capitalism and publishes the Reading Marx's Capital blog.

  • Deutscher Prize Lecture 2011

    London — 11 November 2011. History versus Theory:a Commentary on Marx’s Method of Capital The 2010 Deutscher Memorial Prize was awarded to David Harvey for his book The Enigma of … Watch video »

  • Feral Capitalism Hits The Streets

    “Nihilistic and feral teenagers” the Daily Mail called them: the crazy youths from all walks of life who raced around the streets mindlessly and desperately hurling bricks, stones and bottles … Keep reading »

  • Why the U.S. Stimulus Package is Bound to Fail

    Much is to be gained by viewing the contemporary crisis as a surface eruption generated out of deep tectonic shifts in the spatio-temporal disposition of capitalist development. The tectonic plates … Keep reading »