Author: Antonio Casilli

Antonio Casilli is a professor at Télécom ParisTech. He has written, among other books, Qu'est-ce que le digital labor? Editions de l'INA in 2015 together with D. Cardon; Stop Mobbing (DeriveApprodi, 2000); and La Fabbrica Libertina (Manifestolibri, 1997).

  • Workers are the Heart of the Algorithm

    Antonio Casilli, a professor at Télécom ParisTech, is considered one of the leading experts in the capitalism of digital platforms. He was interviewed by Roberto Ciccarelli.

    “We are the ones who make the robots, with our own labour,” he says. “We make the criteria according to which they operate. And then we teach them to learn how to improve. The problem is not that robots are stealing our work, but that we continue to work more and more, and that the platforms are fragmenting and rendering invisible the labour that is necessary to make the algorithms work.“ Keep reading »