The Capitalism Workshop

What is capitalism? How does it shape the world? What are its social consequences? How are social classes being shaped and remade by gender, race and other identities and experiences? Where is capitalism going? What forms are challenges to the system taking? Is a post-capitalist future on the horizon?

The Capitalism Workshop brings together Left thinkers to collectively discuss and generate knowledge about 21st century capitalism and collective responses to it. The Capitalism Workshop’s first goal is to showcase current work being done by researchers who are applying political economy, variants of Marxism or critical theory to a problem in society. The  second goal is to be a public forum for people to discuss, share and dissect ideas about a recent topic, theory or book of significance to them. The third goal is to establish a network of people to share ideas, present work in progress, and self-reflexively create, apply and assess a variety of concepts for studying the problems of capitalism today.

Sponsored by The SP and the Centre for Social Justice, The Capitalism Workshop brings together plurality of people from a wide range of traditions and tendencies to share and refine their thoughts about the economic, political, historical, ecological, technological, and cultural-ideological dimensions of capitalism, with an eye to going beyond it. More than ever, the goal of understanding the world to change it, and for the better, is of paramount importance to imagining and struggling for a society that is different and better than this one.

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