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About the Socialist Project

The Socialist Project does not propose an easy politics for defeating capitalism or claim a ready alternative to take its place. We oppose capitalism out of necessity and support the resistance of others out of solidarity. This resistance creates spaces of hope, and an activist hope is the first step to discovering a new socialist politics. Through the struggles of that politics - struggles informed by collective analysis and reflection - alternatives to capitalism will emerge. Such anti-capitalist struggles, we believe, must develop a viable working class politics, and be informed by democratic struggles against racial, sexist and homophobic oppressions, and in support of the national self-determination of the many peoples of the world. In Canada and the world today, there is an imperative for the Left to begin a sustained process of reflection, struggle and organizational re-groupment and experimentation. Neither capitalism nor neoliberalism will fade from the political landscape based on the momentum of their own contradictions and without the Left developing new political capacities. We encourage those who share this assessment to meet, debate and begin to make a contribution to a renewed socialist project in your union, school and community.

From small beginnings...

At a meeting in Toronto in the fall of 2000, some 750 activists responded to a call to “rebuild the left” by developing a structured movement against capitalism. This call for a new political formation that would be “more than a movement, less than a party” was similar to other initiatives in Canada and around the world that have been undertaken as the traditional organizations of the political left have waned.

The call was based on the understanding that the discovery and creation of a new kind of left politics is not going to be easy. It was in this spirit that, when the first Toronto initiative faltered, a group of independent socialists continued to meet with other activists across Ontario to try to learn from the experience and find a way forward.

The group asked hard questions about how radically different from that first initiative a new political formation of the left would need to be. And they exchanged ideas and assessments of the political situation in Canada and the world, both to focus debate and to arrive at areas of political agreement.

For more information refer to The Founding Statement of the Socialist Project (html) (pdf).

Audio from the RTL conference, October 27-28, 2000

  • Opening Statement by Joyce Noble; Sam Gindin (17:58):
  • Himani Bannerji (19:08):
  • Sylvain Dupuis (translated in English by Mike P.) (18:22):
  • Sylvain Dupuis (in French) (12:31):
  • Faith Nolan (15:38):
  • David McNally; Deborah Bourque (12:47):
  • Howard Adams (16:13):
  • Kheya Bag (11:13):
  • John Clarke (13:37):
  • Q+A (35:58):
  • David McNally (28:34):
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