Author: Sungur Savran

Sungur Savran is based in Istanbul and is one of the editors of the newspaper Gercek (Truth) and the theoretical journal Devrimci Marksizm (Revolutionary Marxism), both published in Turkish, and of the web site RedMed.

  • Operation Independence Kosovo

    NATO and the New Step Toward “Greater Albania” The celebrations by the Albanian people of Kosovo upon the declaration of an “independent and sovereign” state were aired on television extensively. Two flags were waved during these celebrations. One was the familiar U.S. flag. And the second one? This flag with a double-headed black eagle on a … Keep reading »

  • Turkey into the Vortex of the Iraq Quagmire

    Another breach in U.S. policy A new dimension of immense importance is being added to the contradictions of U.S. policy in Iraq and the Middle East at large. Turkey, a staunch U.S. ally for over half a century and a NATO member, is threatening to militarily intervene in Northern Iraq, i.e. Iraqi Kurdistan. A resolution was … Keep reading »