Author: Damien Cahill

Damien Cahill is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. His research examines the dynamics of neoliberalism as well as theories of capitalism as a socially embedded system of value production. His publications include: Market Society: History, Theory, Practice (with Ben Spies Butcher and Joy Paton; Cambridge University Press 2012); The End of Laissez-Faire? On the Durability of Embedded Neoliberalism (Edward Elgar 2014) and Neoliberalism (with Martijn Konings; Polity Press 2017).

  • Neoliberalism: A Useful Concept?

    It is only over the past decade-and-a-half or so that scholars have begun to explore in greater depth the ideological roots of the neoliberal project. Such contributions tend to focus … Keep reading »