Author: Angela Joya

Angela Joya is a Middle East Analyst; Assistant Professor of Political Economy and the Middle East.

  • Book forum: Empire’s Ally: Canada and the War in Afghanistan

    Toronto — 19 January 2014. This forum was part of the Canadian Peace Alliance convention weekend in Toronto. Moderated by James Clark. Presentations by: Greg Albo teaches Political Economy at the Department of Political Science, York University Todd Gordon teaches Society, Culture, and Environment studies at Laurier University Angela Joya is Professor of Global Political … Watch video »

  • Falling Wages, High Prices and the Failure of an Export-Oriented Economy

    In April 2008, after a wave of protests over low wages and high food prices, including an attempt to generate a general strike by many workers and social activists on April 6 and led by workers in the state-run textile industry, the Egyptian government suspended its export of rice and cement in order to meet … Keep reading »