Steering Committee

The highest decision-making body of the Socialist Project (SP) is the General Members’ Meeting (GMMs). The monthly GMMs determine the general organizational development and political orientation of the Socialist Project. At our May 2018 GMM, the SP voted to approve a Steering Committee Election Procedure, and at our October 2018 GMM, the SP elected the Steering Committee (SC). Consistent with the decisions and resolutions of the GMMs, the SC will coordinate plans for political action and organizational development, including dues, finances, and membership. SC Elections will occur on a yearly basis.

In alphabetical order, the members elected to the 2018 SC are:

  1. Greg Albo (Treasurer)
  2. Sam Gindin
  3. Paul Gray
  4. Jordan House (Membership Coordinator)
  5. Steve Maher (Convenor)
  6. Assya Moustaqim-Barrette
  7. Umair Muhammad
  8. Herman Rosenfeld

Though not a member of the SC, Pance Stojkovski will serve as Recording Secretary.

Congratulations to the Steering Committee members!