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Bullet #1027: South Africa and the Changing Politics of Labour

by Leonard Gentle | August 27, 2014

The two biggest signifiers of the state of the labour movement in South Africa in 2014 are, on the one hand, a terminal crisis within what is still, formally, the biggest trade union centre -- the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), aligned to the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), and, on the other, the emergence of new workplace militancies by workers, notably the national strike wave in the second half of 2013.

What's New: Prospects for an antiwar/solidarity movement in Russia

by Roger Annis | August 26, 2014

In an article published on Left-East on Aug. 10, the Russian writer Ilya Budraitskis laments "there is no antiwar movement in Russia." His article is a rather bleak, despairing outlook on the prospects of organizing against "war" in the border regions between Ukraine and Russia. He titles his article 'Hope in a hopeless place'.

Bullet #1026: New Paths Require a New Culture on the Left

by Marta Harnecker | August 26, 2014

I completed this book one month after the physical disappearance of President Hugo Chávez, without whose intervention in Latin America this book could not have been written. Many of the ideas I raise in it are related in one way or another to the Bolivarian leader, to his ideas and actions, within Venezuela and at the regional and global level.

What's New: Canada's tax-deductible support for Israel's crimes

by Yves Engler | August 25, 2014

When is a Canadian who leaves this country to join a foreign military force and participate in the killing of innocent civilians, including children, called a 'terror tourist' and sent to jail? The answer is: only when that person joins a military force the Conservative government disagrees with.

What's New: Energy East: Where oil meets water

| August 25, 2014

Drinking water, beluga habitat, and fishing and swimming holes are all at risk if TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline is approved. If approved, TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline from Hardisty Alberta to export ports in Cacouna, Quebec and Saint John, New Brunswick, would be the largest oil pipeline in North America.

What's New: Kiev's attempts to ban the Communist Party

by Volodymyr Ishchenko | August 24, 2014

On July 24 the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Oleksandr Turchynov announced the disbanding of the parliamentary group of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) over a ridiculous technicality. The court trial over CPU's ban as a political party started the same day with the next session of the court scheduled for mid-August.

Bullet #1025: Understanding the Civil War in Ukraine

by David Mandel | August 24, 2014

The Ukrainian conflict, like most political phenomena, is multi-dimensional and highly complex. As such, it calls for a holistic -- dialectical, if you wish -- approach. But to judge by American and NATO spokespersons and by their mass media, there is only one really decisive factor that explains everything: Russia's imperialism, Vladimir Putin's determination to dominate and further dismember the Ukraine as part of his plan to restore the Soviet empire.

What's New: The Junius Pamphlet

by Rosa Luxemburg | August 23, 2014

The voting of war credits in August 1914 was a shattering moment in the life of individual socialists and of the socialist movement in Europe. Those who had worked for and wholly believed in the ability of organized labor to stand against war now saw the major social democratic parties of Germany, France, and England rush to the defense of their fatherlands.

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Canadian grassroots actions for Gaza pave way for change of consciousness August 13, 2014

Sid Ryan speaking at Protest for Gaza August 13, 2014

Gaza and the Silence of Mainstream African-American NGO's and Churches August 12, 2014

Tariq Ali tells the BBC why there is so much anger about its biased Gaza reporting August 12, 2014

Reflections on the Maidan and Pro-Autonomy Political Movements in Ukraine August 12, 2014

Largest Pro-Gaza Protest In History Just Reached 150,000 August 12, 2014

Catastrophic Tailings Spill at Mount Polley Mine August 12, 2014

Understaffing, deregulation to blame for Mount Polley tailings pond disaster August 12, 2014

Palestinian flag raised over Glasgow in support of people of Gaza August 12, 2014

Native American Indians Take a Stand For Gaza August 12, 2014

Major Imperial Metals shareholder, billionaire N. Murray Edwards, held private fundraiser for Clark August 12, 2014

Arrests and Solidarity Blockades Aim to Halt Tar Sands Pipeline August 12, 2014

NATO is desperate for war August 12, 2014

Renowned Israeli academic Ilan Pappe believes the Israeli occupation will be defeated like the apart August 11, 2014

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