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Bullet #1219: What You Need to Know About the Oil Price War

by Eric Ruder | February 10, 2016

The dramatic crash in the price of oil is rewiring the circuits of global capitalism by creating enormous volatility in the world's stock exchanges, hammering banks that made billions of dollars in loans to energy firms, and ravaging the budgets of the world's largest oil-producing countries. Today, oil is trading at around $30 a barrel – roughly 75 per cent below its price of $114 a barrel in the summer of 2014 – that is, a year and a half ago.

What's New: What Solidarity Winnipeg is all about

| February 9, 2016

Solidarity Winnipeg is a grassroots, leftwing movement in our city mobilizing as a force of independent left opposition. Their prime concern is opposing a potential Pallister CON government should one form after the 2016 provincial election. If that does not happen and the NDP is re-elected, they plan on pressuring the party into a more progressive policy direction.

What's New: Scraping by on the minimum wage and the Fight for $15

by Teuila Fuatai | February 9, 2016

British Columbia resident Amanda Sillanpaa is working to make a better life for her and her mother. The 25-year-old Burger King employee, who earns $10.45 an hour, hopes to one day become a software and program designer. Today, she is among the hundreds of thousands of Canadians forced to make ends meet on a minimum wage rate. According to a 2014 study from Statistics Canada, minimum wage earners make up at least 6.7 per cent of the workforce.

What's New: Does Labor Deserve Its Own Downfall?

| February 9, 2016

Should the Supreme Court rule for the plaintiff in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association—as, given what transpired in oral arguments, seems eminently likely—the right-wing backlash against organized labor of the last several years, from the stripping of collective-bargaining rights to the passage of “right to work” legislation in former union strongholds across the Midwest, will appear to be mere tremors before the “big one.”

Bullet #1218: Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Say

by James Jordan | February 8, 2016

It has been two months since the UN climate summit in Paris, aka COP 21. One might expect the kind of ebb and flow we often see in popular movements. Interest in climate issues, the cause of the day during the summit, might be expected to wane and move to the back burner of public discourse until another development pushes it forward again.

What's New: The Case for Releasing Leonard Peltier

| February 7, 2016

Leonard Peltier has always maintained his innocence and has emphatically maintained that his continued persecution by the U.S. government is politically motivated. Even Amnesty International, which is cautious about cases it champions, has taken up Peltier's cause, questioning the fairness of his trial and backs assertions that political considerations likely factored into his treatment by the U.S. justice system. So why would U.S. authorities single out Peltier and seek his unjust imprisonment?

What's New: Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight

| February 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton reverses her positions on various important issues.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal MPPs -- who include Ottawa’s Marie-France Lalonde, Yasir Naqvi, Madeleine Meilleur, John Fraser, and Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli -- have started to privatize Hydro One.

80% of Ontarians oppose this privatization because they know it will drive our rates even higher. And the Financial Accountability Officer says it will cost Ontario hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. Forever.

Only the wealthiest citizens benefit from hydro privatization; everybody else suffers higher hydro rates and eroded public services. The good news is that these privatizations can still be stopped, and even reversed. But we need your help. | PDF poster
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