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North American DVD Launch of

Ernest Mandel
A life for the revolution

Toronto October 5, 2007

Part 1, Introduction
Chris Den Hond's 90-minute documentary looks back at Ernest Mandel's life and 60 years of struggle: from the Civil War in Spain to the fall of the Berlin Wall, with segments on Algeria, Che Guevara, Vietnam, the 1960-1961 Belgian general strike, May 68, Portugal, Chile, feminism, ecology, workers control, the Sandinistas and more.
The documentary is being launched as part of a two-disc DVD that also includes "A man called Ernest Mandel," a 40-minute film by Frans Buyens made in 1972 on the basis of a long interview with Mandel.
Order inquiries: mandeldvd@gmail.com

download part 1 (11:12)

Part 2, Cherie MacDonald
Cherie is a well-known pro-choice activist, socialist-feminist and longtime supporter of the Fourth International.

download part 2 (14:06)

Part 3, Greg Albo
Greg teaches political economy at York University and is a member of the Socialist Project. He will speak on Mandel's major contribution to Marxist political economy.

download part 3 (26:30)

Part 4, Closing remarks

download part 4 (9:22)

Part 5, Special guest Dianne Feeley and final closing remarks

download part 5 (15:50)

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