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Pedagogy, Human Development and Socialism:

The Bolivarian Revolution

Venezuela — September 2006.

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Selections from a conversation between Peter McLaren and Michael Lebowitz.

• "The working class demands the right to make its mistakes and learn the dialectic of history." - Rosa Luxemburg (1904), Leninism or Marxism?.
Gajo Petrovic
Paulo Freire (1970), Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Beyond Capital: Toward a Theory of Transition by István Mészáros.
• "The communal character of production would make the product into a communal, general product from the outset. The exchange which originally takes place in production – which would not be an exchange of exchange values but of activities, determined by communal needs and communal purposes – would from the outset include the participation of the individual in the communal world of products." - Karl Marx (1857), The Grundrisse.

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