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From Wisconsin to Toronto Workers Say Enough is Enough!

Toronto — 8 April 2011.

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Moderated by Stephanie Ross. Stephanie teaches labour studies at York University. Panelists:

Andrew Sernatinger is a production baker and activist based in Madison, Wisconsin. He spent three years organizing with the Port Militarization Resistance campaign in Washington State, and has since worked with labour and community activists in Wisconsin. Andrew is a member of Solidarity: A Socialist, Feminist, Anti-Racist Organization.

Adam Breihan is a housing counselor, researcher and activist living in his hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Adam has been active in the antiwar movement in Milwaukee and in Madison where he attended school. With the recent upsurge of political activity in Wisconsin, he and other activists in the area have shifted their focus to the fight for the public sector. Traveling between Milwaukee and Madison, Adam has been involved in the movement in both cities against Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting agenda. Adam is a member of Solidarity: A Socialist, Feminist, Anti-Racist Organization.

Carolyn Egan is the president of the Steelworkers' Toronto Area Council, Co-chair of the Good Green Jobs Commiittee of the Good Jobs for All Coalition, and a member of the Labour Caucus of the Workers' Assembly.

Euan Gibb was an auto worker and activist in the CAW for twelve years. He is a graduate of the global labour university and is currently teaching at McMaster's school of labour studies. Euan is also a member of the Workers' Assembly.

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