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Palestinian Solidarity Struggles

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The state of Israel was just served notice by Black Lives Matter (BLM) in a big way. The human rights movement pummeled Israel for its decades long oppression of the Palestinian people in its new platform. In a show of solidarity between black Americans, who have bravely struggled against centuries of discrimination in the U.S., Black Lives Matter has reached out to their Palestinian brothers and sisters by embracing the Palestinian call for justice and freedom.

BLM chided Israel for their systemic and institutionalized racism against the Palestinians, pointing out the confiscation of their lands, the bulldozing of their homes, and the continuous ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population in favor of Jewish immigrants.

BLM endorsed the Palestinian call for the boycott, divestment, and sanctioning of Israel until it conforms to international law. The movement, known as BDS, calls on Israel to do the following:

Black Lives Matter Has No F***S Left For Israel: You Are A Racist State

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